FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a selection of questions a pianist always gets asked. The technique of "Frequently Asked Questions" is commonly used in computing business. Actually this section could also be called: "What you ever wanted to know about pianists but never dared to ask".

"How may hours per day do you practise?"

This question is asked most frequently. Many pianists find it difficult to anwer satisfactorily and this is so in my case as the time I spend each day at the piano varies from between zero and 6 -7 hours.

"How do you manage to memorize all those notes?"

Memorizing is for the most part a sort of a "secondary" product that comes automatically from practising. The more experience you have, the more chords, scales, etc. you know. Instead of the four notes C, E flat, F sharp and A, I simply memorize a minor seventh cord!

Additionally I use the auditive memory and the "finger"-memory. The latter is an automatism which comes from the repetition of movements.

"Are you nervous during performances?"

Actually not. But there is always a certain tention in a positive sense. It's only with this tension that you can perform at the highest level. By the way, the larger the audience, the better I feel.

"Do you have a favorite composer?"

No, I have numerous composers whose works I admire. It also depends on the works themselves. For instance, I like Beethoven very much, but it would have been better if he'd never composed "Wellington's Victory"!

"Who is your favorite pianist?"

Here it is similar to the composers. There are just too many pianists I love, nevertheless I'd like to mention just a few: Krystian Zimerman, Emil Gilels, Glenn Gould, Vladimir Horowitz, Murray Perahia, Alfred Brendel, Evgenij Kissin, Claudio Arrau, Ivo Pogorelich, András Schiff.

"How did you become a pianist?"

To answer this question I have written "A fairy-tale"